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Testimonials: Testimonials
Ed Grubach and Belinda

I had the opportunity to participate in the Animal People Alliance Volunteer Trip a few years ago(2016) and I witnessed firsthand the dire need for the acute care of street animals in the frenetic and chaos filled streets of Kolkata. During the trip we also were able to visit several local animal care facilities and I learned about the overall lack of resources and often poor quality of care available to these unfortunate animals. Animal People Alliance is not only helping to solve for these challenging problems by providing care to street animals. They are also helping to address the issue of impoverished youth in India. These young people (especially females) often fall victim to horrendous human rights crimes such as child labor, childhood marriage, prostitution and human trafficking - all because of the lack of employment and no way out of their current circumstances. Animal People Alliance helps by providing employment opportunities to these young and poverty stricken kids, offering a chance to take a much brighter and more productive path to independence and happiness. The people behind the organization are selfless, wonderful individuals that share a passion and love for BOTH our animal friends and our fellow man - improving lives and giving back in parts of the world where the need is greatest! Although I saw many sad and disturbing sights on that trip I walked away with a heartwarming and inspirational feeling of goodness and hope. I continue to support the Animal People Alliance team and always will in whatever ways I can!

Ed Grubach - Volunteer

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