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Friends of Animal People Alliance

The Voices for the 'Voiceless'

Steve in Kolkata

Steve Denyer
UK Media Personality

Steve Denyer is a well-known on-air personality heard on radio stations across the UK. After 13 years at Heart Radio, he now works nationally with Virgin Radio. From hosting our first UK fundraiser with co-Founder Belinda Carlisle, Steve is APA's media liaison and ambassador in the UK. 

Jim Kennedy

Jim is passionate about both human rights and animal welfare. Jim Kennedy Photographers helps produce APA's social media content, and is a huge friend and supporter of Animal People Alliance.

Friends and Partners: Testimonials
Surf Gidget

 A rare white pug from Maine (USA) who now resides in sunny Southern California with an abundant amount of energy and an exquisite talent. Gidget is a pro surf dog who competes in regional surf competitions to raise funds and awareness for APA and others. Fighting a rare disease called EPI (Idiopathic Pancreatic Acinar Atrophy), Gidget is living proof that life doesn't stop if you can conquer it. 

Strands of Humanity

Strands Of Humanity 

An eco-friendly, luxury hand tied hair extension company exclusively for professionals that uses it profits to support charities addressing issues that the company is passionate about. Animal People Alliance is proud to be one of those charities! 

Animal People Alliance Partners

Chance Foundation Logo

APA’s Thailand partner manages the only dog shelter and adoption program in Chiang Rai, Thailand. APA sponsors the salaries of the shelter staff and provides operational support and consultation where needed.

Animal Aid Unlimited Logo

Based out of Udaipur, AAU is the most respected and well-known animal NGO in India. All of APA's staff undergo a five-week specialized certification training, and subsequent follow up sessions throughout the year, for street treatments, at AAU's expansive facility

Chhaya Logo

Chhaya is the largest animal shelter in India's West Bengal region. Its large scale provides infrastructure and the capacity to help hundreds of animals. APA sends to Chhaya animals with severe injuries that can't be treated on the streets as well as animals that need long-term care due to critical conditions such as paralysis or cancer.

Friends and Partners: Testimonials
WVS Logo

WVS is of the one the largest animal NGO's in the world. The organization provides expert training to veterinarians internationally and mobilizes its teams to assist local NGOs working in the poorest regions of the globe. WVS donates critical medicine and supplies to APA when needed and works with us on mobile spay/neuter clinics with our partner in Thailand, The Chance Foundation

WIF Logo

WIF produces APA\s shopper bags at its impressive block-printing unit located at one of WIF's Kolkata shelters for women and girls. Our bags are handcrafted by WIF's artisans who, in turn, earn a fair wage for their work. APA employs several women raised by the organization and our team provide assistance with animals living at WIF's shelters.

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