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Working with our shelter and street teams, Dr Rohit Raj is our Veterinary Surgeon, specialising in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. We are proud the be working with somebody of Dr Raj's experience in animal healthcare in Kolkata.

Dr Rohit Raj

APAK Registered Vet

Kolkata, India

All our APA Jewellery is made by vulnerable or stateless individuals, who are at risk or trafficking or poverty. We work closely with this non-profit in Thailand to design and create our unique and quality range of products.

Steve Denyer is on radio stations across the UK. With 13 years at Heart Radio, he now works nationally with Virgin Radio. From hosting our 1st UK fundraiser, with our co-founder Belinda, he is now our media liaison in the UK and ambassador.

Steve Denyer
UK Media Personality

Jim is passionate about human rights and animal welfare. Jim Kennedy Photographer helps produce our Social Media, and is a huge friend and supporter of Animal People Alliance.

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