Meet the team in Kolkata

We have a dedicated team in Kolkata, working to improve the lives of animals and communities.

Nafiza Khatun

Animal People Alliance Kolkata
India Lead & Trustee

A graduate of Jogesh Chandra Chowdhury college with a Bachelors Degree in accounting. She has 7 years experience working in the NGO sector in India and manages the operations and local partnerships for Animal People Alliance Kolkata.

Dr Rohit Raj

Chief Veterinarian

B.V.Sc. (Bangalore) MVSc ( gynaecology and obstetrics) PGD_Ortho( Tanuvas madras) from Bangalore Veterinary College. A passionate animal lover with 10 years speciality veterinary experience, Dr Raj consults on all cases and assists with training field staff.

Tusar Sarkar

Field Director and Senior Paravet

A lifelong animal lover with 25 years experience managing animal shelters and street treatment projects. Certified as a paravet and animal welfare officer from the National Institute Of Animal Welfare, Tusar directs all our field operations and training.

Suman Debnath

Animal Handler

Suman is a passionate and dedicated animal lover with over 3 years experience volunteering and working with animal NGO's throughout Kolkata. He has a certificate in street treatment protocols from Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur and is working towards a paravet certification.

Lakshmi Hansda

Animal Handler

Born on the outskirts of Kolkata and raised at Womens Interlink Foundation Lakshmi is hardworking and determined. She has a certification in street treatment protocols from Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur and aspires to be a certified paravet in the future.

Raju Debnath

Animal Handler

Raju started as a cook and shelter assistant and has grown into a hardworking and focused animal handler with certification in street treatment protocols from Animal Aid Unlimited in Udaipur. He is working on becoming a certified paravet

Doni Gurung

Animal Handler

Our newest addition to the team, Doni is a passionate and lifelong animal advocate from Jalpaiguri. She has always wanted a job working with animals and aspires to be a certified paravet in the future.


Meet The Team In Thailand

We are growing our team through a partnership with Chiang Rai, Thailand based NGO, The Chance Foundation


Animal Handler 

Fhon is a member of the Akha tribe located in Northern Thailand and is a lifelong animal lover. She has always wanted to work with animals and is very passionate about learning as much as she can to help them. She helps manage our tribal outreach in the village communities and is vital to our success in those areas! 

Sujittra Jeed 

Chance Foundation Director and Sponsored APA Liaison 

Jeed is Director of our Thai partner, The Chance Foundation and is sponsored by APA. She has over 20 years experience working with NGO's and tribal communities in the Northern Thailand area and manages the partnership between Chance Foundation and Animal People Alliance. 


Meet Animal People Alliance

Supporting the work of our team in Kolkata, and how it started

Mark Harvey

Managing Director


Belinda Carlisle

Co Founder & Ambassador

International Recording Artist

Paul Suit




Our Trustee Board


Nancy Rucks

U.S Director

Nancy is now retired from New York State government where she worked as an environmentalist developing and implementing land use plans under the State’s Coastal Management Program.

Nancy served for more than a decade on the Board of Directors and as President of the Voorheesville Community and School Foundation facilitating the organization's mission to enhance the educational, cultural, and athletic opportunities for community members.

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