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Kolkata Diaries - Fini (Guest Blog)

Well its the end of the trip for our volunteer Steve, and its with a sadness we say goodbye to him and the rest of the team:-

My final memory of Kolkota - arriving at the airport and having to wake the check in guy up who was fast asleep behind the counter, and being allowed through immigration with a huge bottle of aftershave and sun cream in my bag 😱🤣

On a serious note, the team have made this working volunteer trip epic. Becki Rowley & Pauline Sammut are the nicest kindest couple. Nancy Rucks looked after me the whole way (believe me I need looking after!) Then there’s the APA team and Nafiza Khatun (AKA Janet Jackson) & Sreetama Banerjee who saved us through many scary situations.

Last not least Mark Harvey & Myster Paul the perfect hosts with the biggest hearts.

Not forgetting Belinda Carlisle - very excited about an idea for a London show next summer (I’ve said too much....) She was everything you'd expect, and much more!

I will always remember the poor dogs we saw at the wonderful animal sanctuary especially tutu and the dog with the horrific acid attack wounds. Then there’s the Female survivors at 'Her Future Coalition' (I’m wearing their jewellery right now) they were inspirational lovely examples of human beings - and they’ve invited me back to work for free for them!

This trip has literally changed me and I will be reviewing moments and experiences for months to come.

If I made just a bit of difference on this trip then I leave a happy person

Until next time India ❤️🇮🇳❤️