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Kolkata Diaries - Day 6 (Guest Blog)

Its Day 6 of our volunteer blog by our volunteer, Steve. And today its about the harsh reality of Rabies around the world, but ending with some exciting news over Dinner.... our first volunteer trip engagement ;)

The dog we picked up yesterday on the street is in a lot of pain. Now this is a little graphic but.... dogs get into all sorts of problems having intercourse. The dog we rescued had severe vaginal wounds and was in a lot pain. Unfortunately since we last saw her yesterday her wounds have got more severe and she is now under Animal People Alliance's care.

Tomorrow marks world Rabies Day. Belinda told me yesterday how she had witnessed a Rabid dog on the streets of Kolkota and it was seriously distressing, and something we are tackling with Animal People Alliance.

Rabies kills an estimated 60,000 worldwide every year and most of those cases are tragically children who have been bitten. (Around 100 children die daily from Rabies!)

I’m pleased to report we vaccinated 6 animals today at a locals house: the dogs took it beautifully the cat wanted us all dead!!

I then went for a whiz around the countryside on the back of one of the helpers motorbikes. There I was speeding through country lanes on the back of a motorbike with no helmet on. I could just imagine my mum giving me one of her disapproving looks.

Tonight we joined the whole team along with Belinda and the American consulate for dinner in Belinda's favourite restaurant Fire & Ice. The great meal was rounded off with two of our volunteers Becki and Pauline proposing to each other! Huge congratulations to Becki and Pauline and good on Belinda for presenting the engagement ring!

What a day!!!