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Kolkata Diaries - Day 5 (Guest Blog)

Day 5 of the APA Volunteer Trip, and our Co-Founder joins the group....

Today I had one of those surreal moments I will remember for the rest of my life. There I was parked outside a Kolkata hotel sweating in the hundred degree heat and out walks Belinda Carlisle. (Yes BELINDA CARLISLE...!)

I then spent an hour chatting with her as we weaved our way in and out of the crazy rush hour traffic, en route to visit the Animal People Alliance team. Belinda completely opened up and told me her hopes and dreams for Animal People Alliance, and you'll see the whole conversation as it was filmed in car (Watch this space for a short film coming up on their new You Tube channel Im told!)

If you are reading this thinking that you too would like to join the team on the next volunteer trip this is for you, “Come on down" Belinda said. I agree with her, you'll be part of something magical, and remember this forever.

As I was sitting in the car next to Belinda as she was feeding me some of her energy bar - I can confirm that this visit has been a complete game changer for me!

India is mystical magical and completely crazy. I am already planning when to visit next, and I can't wait to share the footage from all the filming I did with Belinda.....

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