Our Mission is to provide high quality care to street animals in need. We also provide high quality employment to individuals at risk of falling below the poverty line or being exploited.

To address the root causes of animal neglect and abuse, we also focus on changing the consciousness for future generations, and raising awareness about the value of human relationships with animals and the need to treat animals humanely.

We train and employ vulnerable people as veterinary technicians, animal handlers, caregivers, and shelter staff. We offer ongoing training, oversight and resources to the trainees. We have purchased the land and are currently building a local animal shelter to improve our resources and infrastructure so we can accommodate more animals and have a bigger impact. 

We work with local shelter homes for women and children, to help integrate animals into their community and allow them to help each other recover from their traumas and problems. 

Our team will offer workshops in schools and communities to raise awareness and to promote a culture of compassion for animals.

All donations made to Animal People Alliance will be allocated, at the discretion of the Trustee Board and management team, in the best way to achieve our mission statement.

EIN: 84-2514290


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