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Is Volunteering for you?

Whether its Volunteer work or a Cultural Immersion trip abroad, we feel confident in saying that it can change your life. It puts you in new countries and right at the heart of local communities, giving you a chance to immerse yourself in their culture while giving back in a meaningful way.

You can learn a lot from experiencing an entirely new culture and way of life. When you get back home, those lessons translate into skills and experience that benefit you personally and professionally.

These are just some of the benefits of volunteering abroad, or choosing a cultural immersion trip over the more standard tourist or beach vacations.

You meet new people and make new friendships...

Sharing the often intense experience of charity work abroad and contributing to a  community with very limited resources is a sure way to forge friendships with the strength to survive both the test of time and of living on different continents!

If you’re travelling with someone from home, sharing the experience of overseas volunteer work together will hugely develop your friendship and is a good way to adjust to new environments.

Volunteering gives a sense of accomplishment...

Volunteering for charity work abroad can offer a rare sense of accomplishment: unlike the office jobs that so many people work day-to-day, you’ll know that your work is helping change people’s lives for the better. It’s common for volunteers to discover a new hobby, a passion for volunteering itself, or even to move into work in the charity sector.

Develop knowledge and sensitivity of other cultures...

Volunteers are taught about body language, gestures and conversational customs that may differ between their home country and the country in which they are volunteering, to avoid the risk of accidentally causing offense. The lessons are fascinating and often humbling, leading volunteers to reflect on how their behaviour comes across to others in daily life.

It's a unique experience...

Volunteering work abroad and immersing yourself in small communities is a great way to get away from the tourist trail and meet locals. Though volunteering work abroad is popular, chances are very few people have done exactly the same volunteer work as you, and even then no two volunteers will have exactly the same experience.

And most importantly... Overseas volunteer work is important and rewarding, but it’s also about trying new experiences, meeting people, and just having fun!


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