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Kolkata Diaries - Day 8 (Guest Blog)

Our volunteer Steve went 'Rougue' on us today (LOL) and APA do not endorse some of his actions - Its a fun read though ;)

'I’m still alive! The evil looking black flying thing on my wall has been eyeballing me for the last two hours!!

This morning I asked permission to do my own thing. Jayanta, a really cool guy who works at the guest house has agreed to be my tour guide for the morning.

In retrospect I shouldn’t have done anything I’m about to describe to you!

As we approached a level crossing I thought it would be a great idea - after watching people leave trains and run over the tracks - To do some selfies in the middle of LIVE train tracks 😱 Heath and safety hasn’t really arrived in India so I thought I’d celebrate (!!)

Despite being warned about these types of activities , I washed my hands and face in the South river - where people were bathing and then visited another Kali temple where I was offered a sugar Kane water based drink (more on this as my body starts to act strangely 12 hours later!)

Our group Becki, Pauline, Nancy & paul (no Mark as he stayed in Kolkota with a stomach upset!) took a Rickshaw to Shonibarer Haat - a market like no other. It means Saturday Market and it’s literally located in a forest. As we mingled through the crowds I had a moment I will never forget! It might be the heat, the huge crowds, the colours the smells the fact I didn’t sleep that well or just the sheer need to let out some emotion after a very turbulent year - I got completely overwhelmed as I fixed eyes on a tribal dance group. They were completely mesmerising as the performed in the middle of the forest market. I managed to pull myself together and have a stern word with myself before the rest of the group noticed. Boy did I feel good after the emotional release!!

Later that night before dinner was served the same tribal dance troupe ( Santal Tribe) arrived at our guest house to perform a “fire dance” in the pitch black. Once again I was in bewildered awe (but at least I didn’t cry)'

I’m now about to have the most dreadful night in the history of dreadful nights - but more about this tomorrow!