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Kolkata Diaries - Day 4 (Guest Blog)

Its our next day on our volunteer trip and today was all about People, their resilience, and Fergie. Read more from Steve, our APA Volunteer:

'I was DREADING today! After the dogs yesterday today it was time to meet humans who have suffered and been through some appalling things.

Today the Animal People Alliance volunteers and I visited the Women’s Interlink Foundation - a centre for women and girls who are survivors. They’ve survived human rights abuses and trafficking.

They were also the nicest, kindest, happiest and most forward thinking people I’ve met on this trip. This shelter houses them, counsels them and then teaches them a skill and gives them a 'living' wage - and the work is incredible!

The girls on the ground floor were making ... ready for this.... Princess Eugenie's wedding gift bags for the big day in two weeks (look out for them)

Some background Prince Andrew once visited and was so impressed he told Fergie. Now their clothes, trinkets and hand made crafted bags are for sale in Buckingham Palace.

We then met a group of girls who were so excited to meet us! The wonderful team at Her Future Coalition & their amazing jewellery centre.

I bought a ring that I will have on my finger for the rest of time!!

Across both sites, women are given training in various skills, such as scarf printing, spice grinding & jewellery making & they are amazing at what they do!

Whilst I was dreading this originally, I am writing this for you feeling uplifted and determined not too moan about the trivial things I’ve got going on right now - It puts a huge perspective on things!'