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Kolkata Diaries - Day 2 (Guest Blog)

Delighted to share the next day from our volunteer Steve Denyer, currently here in India as part of our Animal People Alliance trip

'Day two started with a conference call from Belinda. She asked how we were settling in and said how she can’t wait to join us. It’s strange - Even though I’ve met her a few times it really hit home that in a matter of days she will be with us on this journey of a lifetime.

I have to admit - I woke up this morning wondering where I was. My jet lag was soon shaken off when our tour bus arrived at the Indian temple of Kalighat. Picture the scene; it’s a hundred degrees there are thousands of people all jostling to get into the temple to pay their respects to their god. To my right is a goat being sacrificed in preparation for a meal ( literally having its neck chopped off ). The sights, the sounds, the animal droppings on the floor and me trying remain calm and kid myself that this is perfectly normal is an experience I will never forget.

Next stop Becky, Pauline Nancy and I stopped at South Park Street Cemetery, a peaceful huge plot of land in central Kolkata with the most stunning tombs I’ve ever seen. If you lived in the late 17th century/ early 18th century then you would be dead by the age of 45. It was beautiful and eerie at the same time!

You’ll notice no blog of mine is complete without a good entry. Today it was all about CHINDEAN - you probably guessed it Indian infused Chinese food. Everything tasted fresher, spicier and I’ve got to be honest a bit more amazing than your average Chinese.

Day two with the Animal People Alliance has been an assault on the senses and I’ve loved every minute!!'

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