The Elephant is one of the most majestic, intelligent and amazing creatures to ever walk the Earth. Unfortunately it's also one of the most expolited. Humanity has done terrible things to this peacful animal and we are committed to raising awareness and taking action to help protect current and future generations. 


92.5 Sterling Thai Silver pendant on sterling silver 18" rope chain


Designed and handcrafted by a cooperative of talented hill tribe women from the northern border region of Thailand and sponsored by the Thai Non-Profit, the Chance Foundation. Hailing from the Lahu and Akha Hill tribes, this cooperative helps to provide stateless peoples, and others in need, with a sustainable income to improve their living conditions and provide opportunities that will help keep them free from exploitation and poverty.

We Love Elephants Pendant

  • All our pieces come in a unique pouch made by stateless tribal women in the north of Thailand.


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