The elephant has many incredible features, ranging from their massive size and big floppy ears, to their soft, soulful eyes. Their trunks are also a defining feature and a reason why they stand out as one of the most unique animals in the world. An elephant uses their trunk for eating and drinking and can suck up as much as 14 litres of water into their mouths. It also allows them to forage the ground for food which is very helpful considering their size. 


92.5 Sterling Thai Silver 


Designed and handcrafted by a cooperative of talented hill tribe women from the northern border region of Thailand and sponsored by the Thai Non-Profit, the Chance Foundation. Hailing from the Lahu and Akha Hilltribes, this cooperative helps to provide stateless peoples, and others in need, with a sustainable income to improve their living conditions and provide opportunities that will help keep them free from exploitation and poverty.

Elephant Trunk Earrings

  • All our pieces come in a unique pouch made by stateless tribal women in the north of Thailand.


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