Use Your Birthday To Raise Funds for APA

Facebook Birthday Fundraisers are a great way to make your birthday extra special, more memorable and raise funds for Animal People Alliance Inc.

When your birthday is coming up, Facebook will invite you to create a fundraiser. You can select Animal People Alliance Inc. as your nominated charity. You can then select how much you would like to raise and when you would like to run your fundraiser until.

Facebook will also invite you to tell your friends and family why you have chosen to dedicate your birthday to Animal People Alliance Inc. You can take this opportunity to share your experiences and that of your family.

Once these details have been set you’re good to go. Setting up a fundraiser won’t cost you anything. You have the option to match the donation amount to give your fundraiser a boost if you wish.

You can then invite your friends and family to donate to your birthday fundraiser and spread the word on your birthday fundraising target - We are happy to support and supply any photos or videos to make your online fundraiser more appealing, just DM the team 


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